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19 Year Old Drowns & Dies After Friends ‘Dare’ Him To Swim On IG Live

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Mississippi Man Drowns After Friends Dared Him To Swim - Video

Mississippi Man Drowns After Friends Dared Him To Swim – Video

A 19 year old Mississippi man J.W Rawson drowned and died on Saturday, after accepting a dare from a group of his friends on Instagram live. The video has since gone viral on social media garnering lots of reactions from internet users.

According to reports online, Rawson was set to graduate high school in just a few days and he had a 2 two year old child. His death was caught on Instagram Live, and streamed out to people all over the globe.

In the video, JW’s friends dared him to swimming across a pond on Saturday afternoon. The friends promised the teen that if he made it across, they would give him the cash for a down payment on a car.  Minutes later JW drowned.

Mississippi Man Drowns After Friends Dared Him To Swim - Video

Tunica County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a lake in Robinsonville, Mississippi, deputies reported. “If I drown, who’s going to come and get me?” the man in the video says before he enters the water.

The video shows the man swim about halfway across when those watching on the shore accuse him of walking in the bottom, but warn the lake drops off in the middle.

Then distress calls can be heard on the video and the video goes dark. “Open your eyes, he’s going to drown,” one person is heard screaming.

“Get him!” others are heard yelling. “Get J.W., bro!” Then you can hear someone calling 911 saying “We’ve got an emergency.” Watch the video below :

Full Video Of Young Man Drowning In Mississippi

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