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OT Genasis Responds To Keyshia Cole’s Sister Neffe – She Claps Back

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OT Genasis & Keyshia Cole's Sister Neffe Trading Insults Online  

OT Genasis & Keyshia Cole’s Sister Neffe Trading Insults Online

Things quickly turned ugly between OT Genasis and Keyshia Cole after the rapper claimed that Keyshia Cole’s feminine part “smell like fish” on IG live in a bid to get at her for removing his cover of her song “Love (Never Knew)” online.

The R&B singer has since responded to OT Genasis’ claims that her coochie smells like fish sticks, comparing the rapper’s facial look with that of a turtle.

Keyshia Cole shared a turtle gif with the caption : “I’m so …. don’t kno how to feel. This tortoise face ass …. I can’t”. Keyshia’s sister Neffe also came to her sister’s defense, she shared a lengthy Instagram post where she called out O.T. for being rude.


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Oop! #KeyshiaCole’s sister #Neffe has a message for #OTGenasis speaking on her sis 👀

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“I will never respect a Greasy disrespectful shadow of a man coming for a woman who has said nothing about you!” Neffe penned. “Men with Mommy issues trying to tear women down I know you got bullied in school and was always denied by the pretty girls clearly!”

OT Genasis later apologized for the degrading accusations, saying he was only joking. “Look @keyshiacole I was really just jokin on dat IG LIVE SH*T..Pple screen record and blow it out of proportion.Make a n*gga really look thirsty I ain’t trippin.”

While it seems the rapper has ironed things out with Keyshia Cole, he didn’t let her sister go scot-free. “I almost went to jail onetime…FOR SELLING CRACC TO YO MOMMA,” he wrote to Neffe in a text image that he shared on Instagram. Not long after, he posted a photo of Keyshia and Neffe’s mother Frankie Lons who is currently in rehab getting help for drug addiction. “ALEXA PLAY -Touch my body by Mariah Carey,” O.T. wrote in the caption.

Neffe caught wind of the insult and didn’t hesitate to clap back. “Them little fingers is going Chile!! I Bet you feel so gangsta right now don’t you!” she wrote over on her IG page. “Listen Lil Bill is it’s clear to see your Pouting behind that phone, I gave you a chance to be a Woman about it but your persistent on proving your a #MessyBottom can someone set up a Boxing match with Miss mammas so I can show him what real Women do.”

Peep the back and forth below :


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Whew! #OTGenasis responds to #Neffe after they’ve been going back & forth all day 👀 (SWIPE)

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ALEXA PLAY -Touch my body by Mariah Carey

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Looks like I striked a nerve huh little Odis! You wish you had a mother that’s why you asked Kris Jenner to adopt you? You won’t back me into a corner I see the real you sweet cheeks,a woman finally standing up to you and you have no control over this one!! your attempts are failing miserably now the world can see what a coward you are to bring up someone’s mother, Let’s not talk about your damaged sperm. Your true colors are showing you shadow of a man , your short man syndrome is taking control you should stop this isn’t very masculine of you little odis! This y’all Crip king? matter of fact woman to women you should hit me up and tell me how you feel to my face NIECE ‼️ #MessyBottom

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