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Officer Caught Planting Drugs On Black Man – Video

Peter Dredd



Cop Plants Crack On An Innocent Black Man

Cop Plants Crack On An Innocent Black Man

A video is currently making rounds on the internet. The disturbing clip appears to show a White police officer planting drugs on a Black man.

We can’t tell where the video was taken, or whether the alleged victim is still in the custody of the police.

According to the person who uploaded the video, the video was taken yesterday and shows an incident where police jumped on a Black man and accused him of selling crack-cocaine.

Cop Plants Crack On An Innocent Black Man

Shockingly, one officer appears to dig in his pocket, pull out a baggie containing a white substance, and places it on the ground next to the Black man.

Many on social media suspect that the officer may have been “planting” evidence to frame their suspect. Then things changed the videographer.

When the videographer yells at the officer, and explains that he captured the officer’s actions on video -the officer flies into a rage and chases the cameraman. Watch the video below :

Cop Plants Crack On An Innocent Black Man


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