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Man Describes Step-By-Step How To Survive COVID-19

Peter Dredd



Man Describes Step-By-Step How To Survive The Coronavirus

Man Describes Step-By-Step How To Survive The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic is hitting hard all over the world and with no ideal cure available, it’s one big threat to humanity. And there have been lots of reports online on how to avoid getting the Covid-19.

Now the question is, what happens when one gets infected with the Coronavirus, how do you survive it?

A new video footage of an interview with an Ohio man who is recovering from the deadly virus inside a hospital is currently making rounds on the internet.

Man Describes Step-By-Step How To Survive The Coronavirus

Kevin Harris from Warren, Ohio gave viewers a step-by-step on how to survive the coronavirus, if you get it. Kevin, who is 55 and in good shape began feeling ill two weeks ago. His condition deteriorated, and he was eventually taken to the hospital and diagnosed with the coronavirus.

When he entered the hospital, Kevin was close to death. Unfortunately, the hospital refused to put him on a respirator either – so he had to fight the disease without it.

And he explained what he did to survive.

Kevin told the interviewer, “The coronavirus started turning my lungs to glass.” He continued, “the more I laid down to rest, the sicker I got.”

Man Describes Step-By-Step How To Survive The Coronavirus

The coronavirus makes you feel better when you lay down. But [if you give in and lay down] your lungs will turn to glass and you’ll die. It feels good, but with each breath you get less and less oxygen, and sooner or later you’re going to go into respiratory failure”

He added, “But when you get up and move you feel awful. Your air capacity drops – you choke, you throw up – but that’s what keeps you alive. The pain [you feel] is your immune system fighting back.”

The man continued, “It takes you about 20 minutes to get through one of those episodes, but once you get to the other side of it, you can breathe a little better.”

Listen to Kevin below :

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