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Keri Hilson Claims 5G Caused Coronavirus In Conspiracy Theory

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Keri Hilson Backs 5G = Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

Keri Hilson Backs 5G = Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

The outbreak of Coronavirus has been a pain in the butt of the world’s health care system. COVID-19 has put many activities on hold all around the world and the widespread of the virus has been a major concern to humanity.

Just as expected, there have been different theories about the cause of the sudden outbreak of Coronavirus and Keri Hilson is backing the 5G conspiracy theory.

The virus broke out in China before spreading to other parts of the world which has made many people become racist, accusing Chinese people of carrying the virus around. Last week, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, Zhao Lijian, came up with a conspiracy theory in his tweet yesterday, he says that “it might be the US army” that brought the coronavirus to China.

Another conspiracy theory that is currently trending online claims that the coronavirus pandemic is actually a cover-up for the negative symptoms of the newly-minted 5G wireless networks.


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5G was invented in…you guessed it—CHINA. It launched Nov 1, 2019 in 50 Chinese cities with btwn 86,000-130,000 5G base stations by the end of 2019. The 3 largest network operators worked together in a race to be FIRST…only 5 months after retrieving 5G licenses. Those vids we saw of people in China literally dropping dead out of nowhere?? Eerily close to the Nov launch. In a 2019 Netflix Documentary, Bill Gates himself warned of a global health pandemic that would originate in China. Researchers & organizations have done studies, made petitions, and issued warnings of the dangers of 5G over the past few years. A quick search will produce them. Residents of Australia have filed assault charges against phone companies—and WON. Lastly, while we were wondering if the virus was resistant to melanin as Africa went untouched for quite a while, could it have been because Africa is not a 5G region (on the whole)? If some African countries have launched pre-installed 5G network bases as of yet, there are certainly not as many as on other continents, by far. I saw this vid on my friend @chakabars page this am & researched the entire day. Not sold? It’s a lot. I get it. That’s fine. But Google or Youtube affects of 5G, EMF exposure, electromagnetic frequency, & radio frequency radiation for yourself… 👀 And to those like me who want to take any measures of protection against it—(although the towers are more dangerous)—you can protect your home & family by going to ur phone Settings to disable LTE under “Cellular Data Options,” which knocks your data speed down to 3 or 4G. Top right corner will show you which network ur on. Also, turn your phone on Airplane Mode or Power them off when not in use or while you sleep. And keep them away from your bodies as much as possible during the day. I’m not an expert on anything. This is a think piece. The post intrigued me & illustrates a possibility based on the facts above. And please watch in entirety before commenting. I’m sure we all got time today…😏🙇🏾‍♀️

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On Sunday, Keri Hilson took to social media to underscore her beliefs with a few screenshots in tow to highlight her claims.

“People have been trying to warn us about 5G for YEARS,” she penned on Twitter. “Petitions, organizations, studies…what we’re going thru is the affects [sic] of radiation. 5G launched in CHINA. Nov 1, 2019. People dropped dead. See attached & go to my IG stories for more. TURN OFF 5G by disabling LTE!!

Folks on twitter have since been reacting to Keri Hilson’s assertion, with mixed reactions coming from fans. “I saw Keri Hilson fine ass trending and thought something happened to her. Turns out she just stupid,” someone tweeted.

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