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Girl Got Jumped In The Church While On Facebook Live

Peter Dredd



15 Year Old Girl Livestream Fight In The Church

A 15 year old teenage daughter is going viral this morning, the girl got into a fight inside church with another teenager and she had a complete meltdown after the fight.

The video which has since gone viral has been seen by hundred thousands of people. After it was taken from Facebook Live stream of the teenage girl.

In the circulating video, she confronted her rival while inside church. And before long, a brutal fight breaks out. The church pastor and the deacons rush to break up the fight, which initially was just a one-on-one fight.

15 Year Old Girl Livestream Fight In The Church 

But when one of the teen girls’ mother saw that her daughter was fighting, the woman “jumped in” and the fight went from 0 to 100.

Watch the video below :

15 Year Old Girl Livestream Fight In The Church 

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