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Cardi B Fires Back At Idris Elba “I Said What I Said”

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Cardi B Double Down On Her Coronavirus Comments

Cardi B Double Down On Her Coronavirus Comments

In this Coronavirus era, there has been lots of conspiracy theories surrounding the pandemic and female rap star Cardi B was among those who came up with one, saying celebrities might be paid to say they’re infected with the virus.

It didn’t take long before Idris Elba, who has been infected with the virus took back to instagram live to take subliminal shots at Cardi in his response, calling her ‘stupid‘.

And today, Cardi took back to instagram to fire back at Idris Elba, standing firm on her words. “Sometimes I get on my Live and I be talking my crazy shit entertaining my fans, and people take what I say and run with it,” she declares, before clarifying her position.


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Essentially, she feels as if the public are receiving mixed messages from President Trump and the celebrities who have tested positive for COVID-19, which thus creates further confusion about the proper course of action. “If a celebrity is saying ‘I don’t have no symptoms I’m feeling good, healthy, but I went and got tested and I’m positive for the coronavirus. That causes confusion!”

“People be like, ‘I don’t know, I don’t have no symptoms but I went out this and that day, shit I might have it,'” she continues. “I’m scared because I’m around my kid, I’m around my grandparent. What do I do?” She explains that people who work regular jobs, the middle class, and the poor are simply not getting treated like the ones up here, celebrities. “They’re not getting their coronavirus results the next day, that’s one.”

“A lot of people live in small-ass apartments with multiple people,” she continues, detailing how easy it would spread to spouses and children in certain scenarios. “On top of that, a lot of celebrities have the luxury to pay thirty-four thousand dollars or whatever the fuck it cost to get tested and treated. A lot of these people don’t have that money! Some people don’t even have enough money to fucking afford health care!”

“I feel like all this shit, for coronavirus treatments and testing, all that shit, the government should take that and charge that shit to the game,” she concludes. “This could have been prevented months ago when they found out the shit it was doing in China. They shouldn’t be charging Medicaid, health insurance, none of that shit. This is ya’ll fault it got in the muthafucking country.”

Listen to her below :


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I said what I said

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