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A$ap Rocky & Tyler The Creator Talking On IG Live Will Make Your Day

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A$AP Rocky Hangs Up On Tyler, The Creator For Being Weird On Live 

A$ap Rocky and Tyler The Creator are undeniably one of Hip Hop’s best friends. The two rap stars have maintained a weird relationship in the course of their fame and are still kicking it together.

Flacko and Tyler have sparked dating rumors in the past but there’s no receipt about that as it appears they’re just friends who vibe well with each other.

While the world has retract to social distancing mid Coronavirus outbreak, the two rappers however, were able to link up on instagram live and there conversation was one hell of a funny one. Tyler, The Creator just wanted to know what A$AP Rocky was wearing, but Rocky wasn’t down to reveal his ‘fit.

A$AP Rocky Hangs Up On Tyler, The Creator For Being Weird On Live

A$AP Rocky was the one who invited Felicia The Goat onto his stream but when Tyler was getting weird with him, asking to see what he was wearing, things ended abruptly.

In the beginning of their convo, the two laugh about Tyler’s goofy ways before the rapper asks A$AP Rocky about his ‘fit. “What you wearing?” asked Tyler. “Yo bro, chill out!” responded Flacko, commencing the back-and-forth. “Come on bro, it ain’t even been a minute yet and you already going crazy. Relax your limbs, man.”

“I’m… lonely,” said Tyler with a big smile on his face before reiterating his initial request to see A$AP Rocky’s ensemble. The rapper refused and hung up on him, leaving Tyler more hollow than ever before. Watch the video below :

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