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NYC Man Assaults Asian Woman On Subway, Calls Her A Diseased B*tch

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NYC Man Punches Asian Woman On Subway Over Coranavirus 

NYC Man Punches Asian Woman On Subway Over Coranavirus

A video is currently making rounds on the internet, the viral clip shows a New York City man assaulting an Asia woman on the subway yesterday.

This may be the latest in a string of anti-Asian violence that has occurred across the world, since the spread of the Coronavirus.

The 15 seconds video shows an Asian woman wearing a mask rushing towards a Black man. The man appears to be in a physical confrontation with another person, when the Asian woman confronts him.

The man then punches the Asian woman and says don’t touch me. He also appears to call the Asian woman a “diseased b*tch.”

Asian people across the world are facing an uptick of hate crimes against them – as many blame China for the spread of the coronavirus.

Watch the viral video below :

NYC Man Punches Asian Woman On Subway Over Coranavirus 

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