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Marlo Hampton Goes Completely Nude To Celebrate 44th Birthday

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Marlo Hampton Poses Completely Nekkid To Celebrate 44th Birthday

Marlo Hampton Poses Completely Nekkid To Celebrate 44th Birthday

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Marlo Hampton has made a name for herself in the reality TV world, she’s loved by many and less dramatic since her reality show debut.

Marlo’s 44th birthday celebration is still on and we’ll give you a recap of her career.

Marlo was born February 7, 1976 in St. Petersburg, Florida. She was born in the Year of the Dragon, and was born an Aquarius according to the zodiac.

Her mother was a drug addict, whose behavior of use resulted in Marlo being raised in the foster care system for much of her young life. She attended the University of Southern Florida, where she studied interdisciplinary science and social work and earned her BA in the same from the College of Arts and Sciences.


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#Marlo … there’s only 1!

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Marlo was living in Atlanta as an adult when she opened a trendy fashion boutique that saw much success. It was at that point that she formed ‘Glam it Up!’, a foundation which had a focus of helping teenagers living in foster care.

During the course of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’, many found themselves slightly confused and in the dark when it came to Marlo’s true ‘career’. What is it, really, that she does? Well, she finally cleared it up for fans. She said that while it appeared that she had a ‘multitude’ of careers, the fact is that she simply ‘does’ a lot.

Apart from being a reality star, Marlo has a ton of knowledge and skill packed into her person. Her list of ‘credits’ includes being a designer, a business owner, a stylist, she has a line of hair products, has a YouTube channel, is an etiquette expert, does real estate, runs her non-profit, and she is a writer.

Marlo Hampton is single, and while she was once engaged to Charles Grant, the pair never married. Surprisingly, however, they are together to this day; they simply aren’t engaged any longer and she doesn’t have any children.


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On Twitter she can be found at @Iheartmarlo. Her Instagram account has approximately 1 million followers, and can be found under @marlohampton. She is on Facebook under her own name and her page has about 198k likes. As for Snapchat, she can be found under ‘dressmemarlo’.

Marlo Hampton has an estimated net worth of about $600k.

She took to her instagram page to share sultry photos as she marks her 44 birthday. Peep the pictures below :


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This person in the mirror is my only competition.

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