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Mac Maine Reveals Lil Wayne’s “Funeral” Had Young Thug, DaBaby Features

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Lil Wayne's "Funeral" Reportedly Had Young Thug, DaBaby Features

Lil Wayne’s “Funeral” Reportedly Had Young Thug, DaBaby Features

Lil Wayne dropped his long awaited 13th studio album ‘Funeral’ this month and the project made it way at the top of Billboard Hot 200 chart.

Funeral‘ is Wayne’s 5th album to reach the number one spot on Billboard. Just a week ago, Lil Wayne passed Elvis Presley on highest number of Top 40 Hits in history.

According to Mack Maine, the Young Money Republic president revealed on a recent interview with Complex, Weezy’s collaboration process since the rapper doesn’t actually tune into what’s going out outside of Wayne’s world.


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Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! I Ain’t Sh*t Without You!! #Funeral🥀

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Mack Maine shared that there were two works that was supposed to make the ‘Funeral’ album but didn’t. Young Thug and DaBaby were both featured on the album but the songs didn’t later make the cut.

“We had one with DaBaby, but we had some clearance issues. They should still be collabing soon, whether it’s on Wayne or DaBaby’s next album,” Mack Maine told Complex.

“DaBaby always gives Wayne his props in different interviews, saying how he influenced him coming up. And Wayne actually fucks with his flow too. So that was organic. And we had one with Thug. It’s a beast. Thug wanted to do something fresh because he did his vocals in 2017, so he felt like his vocals were a little too old.”


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Although Lil Wayne and Young Thug were at odds sometimes back, Mack Maine confirmed that this collaboration between Thug and Wayne will see the light of day soon. After all, it’s only a phone call away.

“Hopefully one day we could figure it out. I’ll figure it out, holler at Thug and his people, and figure out a way that it could still be heard. It’s a monster,” he said.

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