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Kobe Bryant Buried In A Private Funeral Last Friday – Report

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Kobe Bryant Reportedly Buried In A Private Funeral Last Friday 

Kobe Bryant Reportedly Buried In A Private Funeral Last Friday

Earlier this week, we reported that Kobe Bryant’s family were fighting over his funeral arrangements as his wife Vanessa wants Kobe’s funeral to be in Catholic church while his sisters want it held at the Staples Center.

Well, new report has it that Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi’s bodies were laid to rest on Friday.

According to multiple reports, Kobe’s close family held a sm

all private ceremony on Friday. And it was there that they laid the father and daughter to their final resting place.


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Kobe’s final resting place is a few miles outside of Los Angeles and the ceremony was reportedly a religious one as both Kobe and wife Vanessa are practicing Catholics.

Another confirmation of the reported funeral is Kobe Bryant’s Death Certificate which was released yesterday.

Kobe and Gigi’s death certificate states that the disposition date for them both was Friday 2/7/2020.

According to California law, the disposition date is the date in which a deceased is buried, cremated or entombed. So according to the death certificate, Kobe and Gigi’s funeral was on 2/7/2020.

Kobe Bryant Reportedly Buried In A Private Funeral Last Friday


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