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Deputy Tried Impressing Girl With Graphic Death Photos From Kobe Bryant Crash



Deputy Reportedly Tried Impressing Girl With Crash Photos

Deputy Reportedly Tried Impressing Girl With Crash Photos

The internet went wild today after report claims Los Angeles police officers have been sharing disturbing death pics of NBA star Kobe Bryant and other victims.

The pictures were reportedly taken at the scene of the horrific helicopter crash were allegedly shared online by deputies.

Kobe’s family, along with the family’s of other victims of the crash were also reportedly contacted by the Los Angeles police department, and warned that graphic death pics of their family members may leak online shortly.

Deputy Reportedly Tried Impressing Girl With Crash Photos

According to TMZ, one deputy, who was a trainee, tried to impress a girl at a bar with the pictures. This disturbed a bartender so much that they filed a complaint.

It was added that members of the fire department got the photos and now, the LA Fire Department is looking into it. These alleged transgressions have been known for three weeks and the investigation is currently ongoing.

Peradventure the investigation proves that the alleged parties involved are guilty, they could receive some harsh punishment in relation to their jobs.

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