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Remy Ma Blows Hot On Fan Who Called Her Baby Ugly

Peter Dredd



Remy Ma fan calls her baby ugly

Fan Records Remy Ma’s Baby, Calls Her Ugly Afterwards

Remy Ma is not in a good mood after a fan sneaked behind her husband to record a video of their little baby girl only to go online tagging the baby ugly.

Remy Ma and her husband Papoose were caught off guard by the female fan, as the couple was out shopping with daughter Reminisce.

The fan pulled up on the couple, and started filming their daughter.

Then Remy politely asked the woman to stop filming, and the fan complied with Remy’s wishes.

But theb fan later posted the video online. And to ensure that the fan would get “clout” from the video, Remy claims that the woman called 10 month old Reminisce “ugly.”

See it all below :

Remy Ma blows Hot on fan that called her baby ugly


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PLEASE don’t put your cameras in ANYones kids face, especially REMY’s🗣

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And if you’re wondering what Remy Ma’s baby really look like.. The fan is wrong because she’s a beautiful young girl.

See some of her pictures below :

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