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Meek Mill Reflects On Critics Of His Career ‘I Went Plat Like 30 Times After’

Peter Dredd



Meek Mill Reflects On When Critics Said His Career Has Ended 

Meek Mill Reflects On When Critics Said His Career Has Ended

Some years back, it seems like the world was against Meek Mill or maybe he brought it on himself. He had lots of feud with fellow hip hop acts…the big dogs, so to say.

Meek Mill went hard on Drake for not promoting his album and alleged that the Toronto rapper was making use of ghostwriter.

Drake fired back with a diss track ‘Back to Back’ and according to many on social media, that was the end of the Philadelphia rapper’s career.

He also had a fall out with The Game who dissed him in “Ooouu” and also on “Pest Control”. Not to forget, 50 Cent also tear the Philly rapper apart on social media with lots of memes about his dead career.

Meek Mill Reflects On When Critics Said His Career Has Ended 

Well, now that Meek has gotten a Grammy nomination in the best rap album category with ‘Championships’, he feels the need to bring back social media critics who said his career was over.

Milly asked fans to send him old tweets that denounced him and his musical ability. “I still wanna find some of them old tweets when they said my career over,” wrote Meek. “I went plat like 30 times after lol ….. social media never show the get back part lol.”


Then a fan granted his request, gathering up a bunch of old tweets about how Drake ended his career.

Peep them below :

He later changed the subject shortly thereafter, the rapper reflected on his past relationships, noting that he’s been through heartbreak too many times at this point. “Heart been broke so many times I don’t know what to believe,” he wrote.


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