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Lord Jamar Says Eminem Is Lusting Over Him “He’s Dreaming About Me”

Peter Dredd



Lord Jamar Says Eminem is lusting after him

Lord Jamar Responds To Eminem’s Abu Dhabi Diss

Eminem and Lord Jamar’s beef have been gaining lots of attentions lately and Em even fired shots at Jamar during his recent show at du Arena in the UAE capital.

Em and Mr. Porter went through a little skit before they got into the following track and threw some shade at Jamar while they were at it.

“I had a dream that I was a fucking nobody who sucked at rap,” Em told Mr. Porter on stage. “Then I woke up, and you know who I thought I was for a second?” He asked Mr. Porter before revealing that he thought he was Lord Jamar.

While it’s quite obvious that Lord Jamar can’t stand Eminem in trading bars on a track but he surely does know how to make a point during his podcast.

Here’s a quick reality check, Lord Jamar announced back in 2013 that he’s a fan of Eminem and listed the white rappers he f*cks with which has Eminem included.

Lord Jamar Says Eminem is lusting after him

But things changed over the years and he somehow doesn’t feel Em anymore and according to him Em is not even hood’s favorite.

Their beef birth a biography of the rapper turned podcast host which has an hilarious description of Jamar’s career. Year active as 1989 till Eminem’s diss drops.

Lord Jamar Says Eminem is lusting after him

Yesterday, Lord Jamar connected with DJ Vlad and Yanadameen guest host Godfrey. “So Captain Caveman, aka Eminem,” begins Jamar, before launching into a spirited impression of the character.

“That’s how the motherfucker yells. So Captain Caveman had a show over in Abu Dhabi. Apparently, instead of enjoying himself over in this country or whatever, making his money, fucking with whoever, his fans, he decides to get on stage with someone named Mr. Porter. I don’t even know who Mr. Porter is.”

Then Vlad provides a footnote explanation, though the disrespect to Kon Artis and his production run has already been done.

Jamar continues to mimic Em’s delivery, while guest host Godfrey marvels at the impression Jamar left. “Now, I’m a visitor in his fucking mind,” smiles Jamar, proceeding to run with the metaphor.

“So first of all, he’s dreaming about me, number one. It’s a little weird. Why you dreaming about me? Maybe we have the answer to that, because a leak just came out of a song with him and Joyner Lucas, talking about ‘What If I Was Gay.'”

“Now, he’s dreaming about men, so maaaaybe,” says Jamar. “Now here’s the thing. My analogy of who this guy is, because people keep saying ‘oh he can rap good, yada yada.’

They keep focusing on that. Eminem is like that white girl that fucks with black dudes. Hangs out with black dudes and has daddy issues. In his case, he’s got mommy issues. Is on drugs. Her claim to fame is that she sucks dick real good.”

Watch the video below :


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