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Lil Reese Calls DJ Vlad A B*tch ‘I’d Neva Let That White P*ssy Interview Me’

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Lil Reese Blasts DJ Vlad, Calls Him A B*tch

Lil Reese Blasts DJ Vlad, Calls Him A B*tch

Lil Reese was shot multiple times last week, but fortunately for him, he survived the shooting. Pictures of his shooter on a motorbike unloading a Draco AK-47 machine gun at the rapper surfaced a day after the incident.

The Chicago rapper later shared photo of the bullet wound around his neck and one would agree he was lucky to have survived the shooting.

According to reports, the cause of the shooting is linked to money, Allhiphop shared that the rapper was paid $20,000 for a verse but allegedly did not send his Pro Tools session back.

Lil Reese Blasts DJ Vlad, Calls Him A B*tch

But Reese wants to sell his story and is demanding a million dollars to grant an interview. He added that the story behind his shooting is bigger than 50 Cent and Rick Ross rivalry.

DJ Vlad then responded to his demand, “Very happy that you survived that shooting. But nobody is going to pay you even 1% of $1 million for that interview.”


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Vlad responds to Lil Reese

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But it seems Vlad’s response didn’t sit well with Reese and when he was asked if he would link with Vlad for a tell-all interview, he left nothing on the table in the since deleted tweet.

“Vlad tv dude is a bitch and he don’t kno wtf he talkin about thats y i would never let that white pussy interview me pay me you wanna talk to me bitch,” he writes, making it clear he’s not about to censor himself in the name of decorum.


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Lil Reese goes into a little more detail why he won’t do a DJ Vlad interview. Thoughts? What interview should he do?

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