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A Breakdown Of Why Colin Kaepernick Moved His Workout

Peter Dredd



Here's Why Colin Kaep Moved His Workout Session 

Here’s Why Colin Kaep Moved His Workout Session

Colin Kaepernick has been unable to join a team as punishment for igniting the peaceful “Take A Knee” protests during the national anthem some years ago.

According to Kaep, his peaceful protest was not even about the flag. In fact, it was more of a critique on police brutality.

Colin also maintained the owners of all of the teams in the league conspired to blackball him for kneeling during the national anthem before games when he played for the San Francisco 49’ers.

Well, he’s now been given an opportunity to showcase himself for scouts, thanks to Jay Z. Kaep was supposed to have had a public work out in front of NFL scouts yesterday, but it didn’t go down as planned.

Colin had to move the location of the workout, because he suspected that the NFL was up to something.

A friend of Kaep gave a detailed explanation of how everything went down. In the timeline, it seems the NFL were truly up to something, and Colin didn’t stand for it.

See it all below :



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