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50 Cent Shoots His Shot At Lizzo “Big Sexy”

Peter Dredd



50 Cent Shoots His Shot At Lizzo

Is 50 Cent Shooting His Shot At Lizzo?

Rap and business mogul 50 Cent is currently on tour in Australia and New Zealand. But yesterday, he used twitter to reach out to pop singer Lizzo.

While it seems he’s praising the pop sensation singer, others perceived it as Fif shooting his shot at Lizzo.

Power executive producer “50 Cent” shared a sexy video of Lizzo, gyrating and twerking in lingerie.

And he asked his followers if they thought they could “handle” a big woman like Lizzo. Then he called the beautiful pop star “Big Sexy.”

“Now that’s the love boat, I’m not saying you can’t Handel it, but you can’t Handel it.”

Below is the video he uploaded :

Fans were quick to spot his typographical error ‘Handel’ and trust they didn’t just reacted to the clip, they trolled him as well.

See some reactions below :

And he did replied to the trolling..

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