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Woman Gun-butts Her Baby While Fighting In The Mall

Peter Dredd



Woman gun-butts her baby while fighting

Woman Accidentally Gun-Butts Her Own Baby While Fighting In The Mall

A video of a woman who accidentally gun-butted her baby while fighting another woman in a mall is currently going viral.

Folks on social media have been reacting to the lackadaisical attitude of the woman after hitting her baby.

In the clip, the mom gets into a fight with “the opps” at a popular New Jersey mall. During the fight, the mother pulls out a pistol and begins pistol whipping her rival.

And while beating her enemy, she accidentally gun butted her own infant child. But the mom didn’t stop fighting to tend to her crying child. Instead, she just continued beating the opps.

Watch the video below :

Woman Gun-Butts Her Baby While Fighting In A Mall

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