Rapsodi Names Cardi B First On Her Top 5 Female Rappers

Check Out Rapsod's Top 5 Female Rappers 

There has been a debate on who the top female rapper is since the emergence of new female emcees in the industry.

The rap game is now filled with females who are ready to fight for a spot and it's not an easy task to name one's top 5 female rappers at the moment.

Respected Hip Hop star Rapsodi took to the task when she was on an interview session with Wayno, Nadeska, and Akadmiks of Everyday Struggle, Rapsody made sure to lay down a few caveats before partaking in the ranking process.

Rapsodi was made to compile a list which was to be kept to her current tastes, and subject to change at a moments notice. Second, she was not to be counting herself, an arguable number one on any other list of such a nature.

Rapsodi named Cardi B her no. 1 female rapper without wasting time. Next up is Leikeli47, a mask-donning emcee boasting two studio albums to her name. 

She names Tokyo Jetz of Grand Hustle fame, echoing praise that many have put forward before her; in fact, she's been oft-cited as one of hip-hop's more underrated.

Rapsodi slowed down mentioning that while she does have love for Megan Thee Stallion, she doesn't know enough material to earn her a placement. At four is Ill Camille out of Compton, and rounding out Rap's list at five is Houston's merciless OMB Bloodbath a co-sign endorsed by Wayno.

Watch the interview below with the list popping off around the 27:30 mark.

You're probably surprised she didn't mention couple of names you're expecting on the list.. Recall, Megan Thee Stallion also ignored both Nicki Minaj and Cardi B on her top 5 female rappers list.

What do you think? 

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