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Lady Stripped & Beaten For Infecting 12 Year Old Boy With Herpes

Peter Dredd



A 19 Year Old NYC Girl Gets Beaten Of Her Life 

A 19 year old NYC girl get beaten mercilessly after she was accused of infecting her friend’s 12 year old cousin with herpes.
The video has gone viral leaving people wondering why she would defile her friend’s 12 year old cousin and infect him with STDs. 

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In the video which was streamed via Instagram – a 19 year old woman is confronted by her friend, and accused of molesting her 12 year old male cousin.
In the video, the 19 year old is accused of sleeping with the boy, without a condom. Her former friend claims that by doing so, she exposed the child to at least one sexually transmitted disease.
She also threatened that she’ll be going to jail for it. She could be heard saying :
“You f* cked my lil cousin… Was it because he’s sexy?”..

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Watch the video below :
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