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Lil Wayne Compares Tyga To Flo Rida On Hit Making

Peter Dredd



Lil Wayne Says They Both Make #1 Hits 

Former Young Money artist Tyga Raw doesn’t hide the fact that he still adores his mentor Lil Wayne and has proven this over time. Both Lil Wayne and Tyga has shown love and support for each other over the years.
Tyga recently released a colorful video to ‘Lightskin Lil Wayne’ which is a tribute to the living legend. He took fan down memory lane of Weezy’s iconic moments.

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Lil Wayne wouldn’t belittle his friend’s acknowledgement he also shared the clip and said “That was love to me, most definitely right there,” he told Billboard, mentioning that his favorite part was the “A Milli” scene.

Lil Wayne helped shaped Tyga’s career at early stage, guided and mentored him through the stardom in the industry. Tunechi also said he learnt a lot from Tyga while with him, he emphasised on the fact that Tyga attack every track like it should be a hit and not just a regular song.

“I look at certain things. It ain’t about the music,” he said. “I look at certain things and how he approached things. So the way that he approached the song was every song was supposed to be a single. Like every song is supposed to be a hit.”
He continued that he didn’t want to draw comparisons between Tyga and Flo Rida, but he couldn’t help it. “Every damn song Flo Rida put out, we may have not heard of it and you may not hear it, but I bet you somebody overseas done heard it. I bet you it’s the No. 1 song on somebody’s charts. 

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That’s why I like Tyga, he knows how to go in there and say, ‘No. This is song ain’t about to be No. 15 on an album.’ If somebody has 15 songs on the album, then we’re about to shoot a video for all 15.”

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