Singer Tinashe Comes Out As Bisexual - Receipt

Tinsahe Confirms She's Bisexual 

RnB star Tinashe has openly announce that she is bisexual. She even went far as sharing pic of her girlfriend. 

For years, there have been rumors swirling among Tinashe's fans and followers - that the 26 year  old singer is bisexual.

And it was Tinashe that started the rumors herself. She's actually sung about her fluid sexuality in songs. For example in the hit song 'Party Favors,' Tinashe sings 'see shawty over there she's looking at me, she's kind of cute.'

As reported by MTO..  In the song 'Innocence Lost', a collaboration with another singer Erik Hassle, she sings about a woman. Here are some of the lyrics:

"Melting pavements

She looks at me, fevered dream

You can't save me

She's everything, my concrete queen

Ooh, all this shit you can change (always)

All this shit you can change

She takes me higher

Than anything, I've ever been"

Tinashe stated on Twitter on October 11, 2011 stating:

I like boys. and I like girls. I just got so much love love loveeeeee to give #sueme

This morning, Tinashe appeared to come out officially - posting a pic o fa woman that many suspect she's dating. Here is the beauty that Tinashe posted about. She captioned the picture, "Touch, tease, kiss, lick."

Peep below :

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