Offset Captured Leaving Club With Groupies

Offset Cheating On Cardi B Again?

Paparazzi caught Offset leaving the club with group of girls that are indecently dressed last night. 

The rapper could be getting into another mess as the pictures have been circulating online since its release. Cardi B and Offset have settled their differences after he was caught cheating sometimes back.

Cardi B whom assaulted some girls in a strip club for having an affair with her husband Offset is still battling legal issues concerning the assault. Read it all here : Cardi B Indicted On Multiple Charges For Strip Club Attack

According to MTO.. The rapper was seen exiting Bootsy Bellows with some mystery girls, but he quickly tried to play it off when he sees cameras. He walked away from the girls - and pretended not to know them.

But as the below images show, Offset was clearly trying to leave the club with the girls.

See pictures below :

And last year, Cardi split with Offset, after she caught him attempting to have a threesome with another female rapper.
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