Mayweather's Daughter 'Yaya' Pregnant For NBA Youngboy ?

Yaya Mayweather Shares Baby Bump On Instagram 

Daughter of boxing star Floyd Mayweather 'Yaya Mayweather' has thrown the internet into frenzy after posting a clip of herself with growing baby bump. Making lots of internet users calling on rap star NBA Youngboy responsible for the pregnancy.

We reported earlier that Floyd Mayweather's Daughter Restate Her Love For Youngboy NBA On Live. Then in the video captioned "Bored," Yaya is standing in front of the mirror in a white tee and grey shorts. She then turns to the side to show off her belly, which appears to show a baby bump.

Despite deleting the post, The Shaderoom was quick to capture the image and it's pretty clear that everybody thinks she is pregnant - with some speculating that NBA Youngboy could be the father.

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Watch the video below :

Here are a few reactions to the post.

"Young boy better not be the baby daddy"

"These kids want a baby until they have one"

"If she’s pregnant, Floyd really failed as a father"

"I know damn well Floyd ain’t let this man knock his daughter up 🤦🏾‍♀️"

"Hope she’s not pregnant for young boy she gon have HERPES AND A BABY"

Do you think that's a baby bump or just mis-perception? 
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