Chaka Khan Confirms Stevie Wonder Is No Longer Blind

Stevie Wonder Can See Now 

There has been speculations for years now that iconic singer Stevie Wonder is no longer blind. The theories didn't have back up proves then but now it has been confirmed.

Chaka Khan was on highly-rated Andy Cohen's Watch What's Happening Live couple of days ago and she confirmed that Stevie Wonder can really see.

Chaka was asked by a fan what industry secrets she would like to spill on the air. And she said that "Stevie Wonder can see."

Peep the interview below :

According to the rumor mill, Stevie underwent a surgery many years ago, that restored much of his eyesight. But his vision is still poor, so he's still "legally" blind - according to the rumor.

Stevie appeared to confirm the rumor two years ago - during an interview with a TMZ cameraman.

In the TMZ interview, Stevie engaged with one of their reporters, who recorded the star outside of LAX . In the clip, Stevie says that he has, in fact, had the opportunity to fly planes himself, on two different occasions! “I actually landed the plane…” Wonder said to the pushy reporter who was, understandably shocked at the assertion that Stevie would dare to do so.

The reporter pushed further, asking Stevie if he’s just going to surprise the whole world and announce that he can see, to which he replies “In this year, I would reveal the truth.”

Peep the interview below :

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