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Cardi B Blows Hot On Megan Thee Stallion Over Ghost Writing

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Cardi B Claims She Wrote Most Songs On Her Mixtape 

Cardi B is now openly clapping back at Megan, who’s been dropping subliminals against Cardi – for using ghost writers to write her songs.

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The beef started last weekend, when Megan and her friend Asian Doll shaded Cardi on Instagram to start the beef. Here’s what Asian Doll wrote:

Megan liked the above Tweet, after hundreds of fans agreed that it was meant as a dig against Cardi B – the top female rapper in the game.
Yesterday, Megan dropped more subliminals on Cardi, during her interview on Sway & The Morning’s show. She was talking about female rappers with ghostwriters, and Megan said:
“I think that writing is super important if you want to be that person known for your bars and known as an actual ‘rapper-rapper.’ If that’s something that’s important to you then, hell yeah, you need to be writing,” stated Megan.
“But if you’re an entertainer and you’re somebody that’s just getting the party going, I don’t think it matters as long as the people are listening to it and they’re rocking with it. You’re just making feel-good music. So if it took ten of y’all to put the song together [and] the song came out live, that’s y’all business.”

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Well Cardi B took to Twitter last night, to straighten Megan out. Cardi claims that she does in fact  write most of her songs.

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