T.I's Sidechick Asia'h Reveals They Never Had S* x

Asia'h Claims She Never Slept With Tiny's Husband 'T.I'

Rapper T.I and Tiny just got hit with another BOMBSHELL REPORT - the lady who many claimed was rapper TI's side chick . . . is currently claiming that she never had actual "s*x" with Tiny's significant other.

The married rapper TI was romantically linked to Greenleaf actress Asia'h Epperson last year. The bits of gossip started when a video was spilled - showing TI slapping Asia'h on the butt and afterward kissing her on the neck.

Asia'h confirmed that she was the lady that TI was seen fondling and kissing in the video. But instead of taking responsibility for her behavior, she instead accused T.I. for overstepping the lines as a married man.

Asia'h told the fan, "I never slept with [Tiny's] husband." She later added, "Everyone that is in the inner circle that was actually involved, knows the truth."

See it all below :

Back in September, Epperson rattled off some Instagram comments on Wednesday that appeared to fire back at allegations of her being a homewrecker.

She additionally indicated T.I's. marriage with Harris was at that point harmed. Epperson then said she's into building her very own home.

“A homewrecker I never would be. Not my style! I’m into building baby!!! However, on another note… just so [you] know, u can’t wreck a wrecked home! Hey!!! IJS.”

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