Drake's Dad Dennis Graham Launches TV Show

Dennis Graham Debuts TV Show 'Fame And Family'

Dennis Graham who is the father to popular award winning rapper 'Drake' AKA Champagne Papi has announced his debut in a TV show.

Dennis Graham made it known that the TV show title 'Fame And Family' will be focused on interviewing parents of celebrities and fans can't wait to have a glimpse of the already accepted show.

Peep the post below :

"I'm filming a new TV show, where I'm interviewing the parents of superstars," Graham told Too Fab revealing that he had just interviewed record executive Master P and 'Black-ish' star Deon Cole for the pilot episode. "It's called 'Fame and Family.' It's my new project, and it's gonna be fantastic."

He added, "Drake just called me, and I shared it with him... And he goes, 'Dad, that's the best thing you've ever done.'"

He did not say for definite whether Drake would be a part of the series but that he "would like to sit down and have a conversation with him." According to Graham, Hollywood star Tiffany Haddish should also be popping up during the upcoming series.

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