Stormzy Pulls Out Of Austrian Festival Amid Racism

“My Manager And All My Friends Who Were At The Festival Were Racially Profiled"

U.K. Grime star Stormzy hauled out of a planned appearance at this current end of the week's Snowbombing Festival in Mayrhofen, Austria, subsequent to claiming that celebration security "racially focused on" and "forcefully dealt with" his group. 

Stormzy told his fans the news in a series of Instagram posts:
“My manager and all my friends who were at the festival were racially profiled, targeted and aggressively handled because they had ‘reason to believe someone was carrying a weapon.'

The security targeted them (despite no one fitting the description), were physically aggressive when handling them and there’s been no effort from the festival to actually deal and adress [sic] the problem.”

A representative for the celebration told the Guardian that they were "profoundly disheartened" by Stormzy's choice yet their staff had acted "as per convention". 

The representative stated: "Snowbombing's security were cautioned to the likelihood that a person at the celebration was supposedly conveying a weapon.

 As per convention, few participants, including Stormzy's supervisor, were escorted to the closest exit, looked and no weapon was found.

Stormzy Pulls Out Of Austrian Festival Amid Racism Stormzy Pulls Out Of Austrian Festival Amid Racism Reviewed by Peter Dredd on April 12, 2019 Rating: 5
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