Drake Reacts To "Culture Vulture" Criticism For Sampling Songs

"Culture Vulture - What Does That Even Mean? I Don’t Understand"

Drake gets a great deal of analysis from music fans for an assortment of reasons, yet a standout amongst the most widely recognized contentions against him is that he frequently gets sounds and styles from underground subcultures like New Orleans skip, Caribbean dancehall, and UK grime and astounding house on a portion of his greatest hits, acquiring him the title of "culture vulture."

Generally, he appears to give those remarks a chance to breeze by, remaining undeterred as he keeps on examining world music, however it appears he's at last considered the time ideal to address them in an uncommon radio meeting with BBC Radio 1 while on visit in the UK.

“I hate that people think that me being into music from these kids that are trying to make it and build a name for themselves is like, ‘Oh, that’s some culture vulture,'” he admitted. “What does that even mean? I don’t understand. Would you rather me not acknowledge anything or not support? That’s some real confused hater sh*t.”

Drake proceeded to call attention to that he does such testing to demonstrate support, not just to intensify his very own voice, which barely needs it ("Most number ones ever, to what extent did it truly take me?")

“I’ll never understand how supporting somebody’s song, or even going a step further, giving somebody a song or linking up.. I’ll never understand how that’s not viewed as something admirable.”

Drake Reacts To "Culture Vulture" Criticism For Sampling Songs Drake Reacts To "Culture Vulture" Criticism For Sampling Songs Reviewed by Peter Dredd on April 14, 2019 Rating: 5
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