Meghan Markle Explicit S* xtape Leaks - Video

Princess Meghan Markle Tape Leaks 

An adult film "broker" went on the Your Mom’s House”Podcast yesterday, and dropped an earth shattering allegation. He claims that he came across a S*x tape that he believes had Princess Meghan Markle in it.

"A woman from Canada called me,” the broker explained to podcaster/comedians Tom Segura (39), and Christina P (42). The woman allegedly told the broker that she has a S*x tape starring a woman named Meghan Markle and a male “photographer from Florida.”

And in the video, the woman is recorded tossing the man's salad.

Watch the video below :

The broker claims the woman told him, "[The person in the video] her Name is Meghan and she is getting married soon to a Prince.”

 The moderators immediately challenged the broker on whether the tape was "real" - but the broker stood firm.

 He told the podcasters he actually viewed the tape: “I know what I saw and in my opinion the woman on the Video clearly is Meghan.”

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