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Meghan Markle Explicit S* xtape Leaks – Video

Peter Dredd



Princess Meghan Markle Tape Leaks 

An adult film “broker” went on the Your Mom’s House”Podcast yesterday, and dropped an earth shattering allegation. He claims that he came across a S*x tape that he believes had Princess Meghan Markle in it.

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“A woman from Canada called me,” the broker explained to podcaster/comedians Tom Segura (39), and Christina P (42). The woman allegedly told the broker that she has a S*x tape starring a woman named Meghan Markle and a male “photographer from Florida.”

And in the video, the woman is recorded tossing the man’s salad.
Watch the video below :

The broker claims the woman told him, “[The person in the video] her Name is Meghan and she is getting married soon to a Prince.”

 The moderators immediately challenged the broker on whether the tape was “real” – but the broker stood firm.

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 He told the podcasters he actually viewed the tape: “I know what I saw and in my opinion the woman on the Video clearly is Meghan.”

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